Digital Supply Chain Institute

The Digital Supply Chain Institute is a member-led research organization focused on the evolution of enterprise supply chains in the digital economy.

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Adding Value to Member Organizations

Members have an opportunity to interact with peers and learn though DSCI quarterly calls, monthly workshops and Executive Leadership Forums.

DSCI members can select and drive the research projects that are top priorities. DSCI is currently working in four areas:

  • “Constellation of Value” Implementation Framework
  • ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) in Supply Chain
  • Digital Change Management in the Digital Era
  • Understanding “New Customer” Expectations
  • Generative AI Applications in Supply Chain
  • Project Imperative – Global Factors Impacting the Supply Chain

Members can request help in a specific area of their Digital Supply Chain Transformation. We will bring our knowledge of best practices and work with members to create business value that shows up in better results. If needed, we will bring a technical services provider that has detailed knowledge of a specific process or technical expertise..

We conduct executive presentations and workshops to get the work done!

Currently, DSCI is doing proof of value projects in three areas:

  • Implementing Frontside Flip framework to drive digital transformation
  • Implementing Constellation of Value framework
  • Conducting a Needs Assessment program to understand the talent gaps required for digital transformation.

DSCI provides a series of workshops focused on accelerating the transformation to a Digital Supply Chain: Transformation Maturity Assessment, Demand Sensing, Digital Supply Chain Transformation Strategy, and many more. DSCI also provides customized workshops and executive education programs to speed your evolution to a truly customer-driven Digital Supply Chain.

DSCI hosts a global forum each year to bring together top supply chain leaders to share insights and the results of our research. The forum provides an opportunity for member companies to share their challenges and have an open discussion with other companies. This invitation-only event brings together no more than 100 supply chain leaders from around the world. The goal of the ELF is to engage the participants in a deep discussion of transformative actions necessary to create a Digital Supply Chain.

  • Focus on management learning
  • Highest level of executive involvement
  • Platform for open discussion with peer companies without competitors in the same discussion
  • Concentration on driving value and results


The Digital Supply Chain Institute members shape the research, development tools, management workshops, and content related to digital supply chains.

Research & Case Studies

The Digital Supply Chain Institute’s applied research and case studies provide practical tools to help supply chain leaders quickly implement new ideas and insights to their operations as they transition to a digital supply chain.

Meet the Co-Chairs

Sam Palmisano

Chairman of the Center for Global Enterprise

Colin Browne

Former Chief Operating Officer at Under Armour

Mike Crowe

Retired Chief Information Officer at Colgate-Palmolive Company

Sasha Koff

Senior VP, Digital Supply Chain, Dell Technologies