DSCI Accelerator Program for Emerging Supply Chain Companies

DSCI will accelerate the value proposition and growth of  participating companies and Institute members

The Digital Supply Chain Institute, in an expansion of its not-for-profit mission, is creating an accelerator program to provide business development resources to early-stage companies with digital supply chain enabling technologies.

“We are seeing an increasing number of smaller companies from around the world entering the supply chain solutions ecosystem and a corresponding need of supply chain owners to become conversant with new innovative approaches to visibility, traceability, and security. We believe the DSCI Accelerator Program can bring these communities together for knowledge sharing and mutual benefit,” said Marko Kovacevic, Managing Director of DSCI.

The DSCI Accelerator Program is designed for companies ready for the next stage of growth beyond the startup phase. Many emerging  companies lack the talent and experience in a number of areas including client access, marketing, strategy and organizational structure. They will aid in their growth while other DSCI members will benefit from the exposure to new business models and innovative technologies.

“DSCI will identify emerging technologies that support digital supply chains and identify companies that can apply those technologies to support digital supply chain transformation,” said Shawn Muma, Executive Director of the DSCI Accelerator Program. “Through our extensive network of seasoned executives from around the world, DSCI will provide strategic guidance and mentoring enabling these start-ups to scale faster than they otherwise might.”

Participating companies will have access to four business planning sessions per year with tenured executives from diverse backgrounds that include operations, strategy consulting, legal and finance. In addition, access to mentoring and advisory board management will be provided. The approach will be customized to meet specific needs of the company. Participants will have access to targeted business development opportunities along with the opportunity to demonstrate the value of their products and services in . An annual meeting with participating start-ups, advisors, industry experts and investors will be part of the program. Companies in the program will have access to all DSCI research and events.

Consistent with CGE’s non-profit applied research mission, all Institute members will benefit from the cross-pollination of ideas and access to new technologies and capabilities in a research environment. “Institute members will receive the benefit of these capabilities through participation in proof of value testing,” said Shawn.

Participant Benefits

  • Strategic insights, business development, product development, legal and financial review
  • Advisory board management and mentoring
  • Proof of Value projects for clients/DSCI Members
  • Idea exchange with Accelerator participants and DSCI members
  • Annual DSCI Accelerator Program meeting with advisors and investors
  • Thought leadership opportunities

DSCI Member Benefits

  • Extends DSCI mission to conduct applied research and develop new management capabilities
  • Provides access for DSCI members to new supply chain technologies and capabilities
  • Establishes a research lab for members to test and try new capabilities in a safe environment
  • Assist DSCI members in finding qualified technology partners

Several members of the Institute that are still in the early stages of growing their businesses have expressed interest in the DSCI Accelerator Program.

For additional information about the DSCI Accelerator Program, contact:

Shawn Muma, smuma@thecge.net, or Sugathri Kolluru, skolluru@thecge.net

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