DSCI Membership Helps Dragon Maritime Assess Digital Supply Chain Talent Needs

New York, October 3 — The Digital Supply Chain Institute (DSCI) is working with new member Dragon Maritime Group to design a workforce development program for the shipping and logistics company as it transitions to a digital supply chain model.

Erich Cossutta, President of the Dragon Maritime Group, said that as a new member of DSCI his company hopes to gain a better understanding of digital supply chain transformation to communicate to the company’s 250 employees. “Digital supply chain sounds like rocket science,” he said. “I need help to make people more aware of what digital supply chain is.”

Dragon Maritime, headquartered in Koper, Slovenia, is eager to exchange ideas and learn from other DSCI members. “DSCI is an organization that can give us a deep insight into what is going on and where the world is going to be in a few years,” Mr. Cossutta said. “I see it [DSCI] as a club in some ways, where you can discuss ideas, exchange information, and learn from others.”

“Having Dragon Maritime as a DSCI Member is enriching the commitment of DSCI to finding next-generation solutions to overcome shipping and logistics challenges. Companies like Dragon Maritime accelerate our member collaboration processes and amplify the value of execution of new ideas and opportunities,” said Marko Kovacevic, DSCI Managing Director. “We are happy to welcome Dragon Maritime into the DSCI family and look forward to working with them on their digital supply chain transformation and future collaboration with the global supply chain community.”

Dragon Maritime will evaluate DSCI initiatives during the coming months to determine how they fit with the company’s business needs as it transforms to a digital supply chain model. “We have a lot of changes happening internally and externally,” said Board Member Sonja Cossutta. “We don’t want to suffocate our business because this can be quite different from the way business is done right now.”

The Executive Leadership Needs Assessment currently underway will help the company develop a clearer understanding of its current digital supply chain expertise at all levels within the organization.

Dragon Maritime joins the global DSCI membership, including Under Armour, Colgate Palmolive, Dell, Anastasia, Craft, Streamline Media Group, Lanaco, Panama Transshipment Group, Azarc, Transworld Group, TubeIQ, and DP World.