Kathleen Colucci

Kathy Colucci is a DSCI Fellow. Previously, as Vice President for IBM Sales Transformation, Kathy was the senior IBM leader responsible for global transformation of IBM’s sales processes, supporting 35,000 sellers worldwide. Her role included business ownership for IBM’s CRM tools, sales dashboards, business analytics, and client master data.

Kathy also served as CFO for IBM’s supply chain and services delivery organizations, and as Program Executive, Kathy led the initial work to set up IBM’s Globally Integrated Enterprise (GIE) shared services, which optimized IBM’s support functions for expertise, scale and velocity.
Ms. Colucci served on IBM’s Growth & Transformation Team, a forum for IBM’s top leaders, from 2004 – 2016.

Kathy holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Pittsburgh and a B.A. from St. Bonaventure University. She served on the St. Bonaventure Board of Trustees for nine years, including four as Vice Chair, and was a member of the Business Advisory Council for Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business.