Digital Supply Chain Institute (DSCI) Welcomes BlueX Trade as New Member

Digital Supply Chain Institute (DSCI) Welcomes BlueX Trade as New Member

New York, NY – August 28, 2023 – The Digital Supply Chain Institute (DSCI) is pleased to announce the addition of BlueX Trade to its membership. BlueX Trade, a global trade finance platform, connecting shippers, carriers, and manufacturers to speed payments and improve logistics transparency, extends the global reach of DSCI into Southeast Asia.

“We are delighted to welcome BlueX Trade to the DSCI community,” said Marko Kovacevic, Managing Director of DSCI. “Their exceptional track record and forward-thinking approach in supply chain operations align seamlessly with our mission. We are confident that their valuable insights will contribute significantly to shaping the future of digital supply chains.”

The five-year-old company with offices in the U.S. and Taiwan will participate in DSCI-sponsored events, research projects, and working groups. BlueX will contribute valuable expertise to DSCI’s ongoing initiatives in logistics and help shape the development of best practices and strategies across the industry.

“Collaborating with DSCI and its diverse membership base presents an unparalleled opportunity. We believe this partnership will enable us to gain fresh perspectives, access cutting-edge research, and leverage the collective wisdom of fellow industry leaders,” said Lance Lin, co-founder of BlueX Trade. “Together, we can accelerate the transformation of supply chain operations, optimize global trade, and ultimately benefit businesses and consumers alike.”

With the addition of BlueX Trade, DSCI continues to expand its global footprint, particularly in the critical Southeast Asia region. “This partnership reaffirms our position as a hub for forward-looking companies seeking to advance digital supply chain capabilities,” noted DSCI’s Kovacevic. “It underscores the dedication of our members to fostering a diverse and inclusive community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of supply chain innovation.”

About Digital Supply Chain Institute (DSCI)

The Digital Supply Chain Institute is a New York-based non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the understanding and adoption of digital supply chain practices. A member-led organization, DSCI provides a collaborative platform for industry leaders, practitioners, and academics to exchange insights, conduct research, and drive innovation in supply chain management. For more information, visit

About BlueX Trade

BlueX Trade is the AI-driven B2B freightech platform powering the logistics industry. The world’s most successful logistics players trust BlueX to enable payments and financing while also providing insights for their global freight shipments – enabling more profitable logistics for over 20,000 carriers and shippers. For more information, please visit

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